Creating Email Campaigns

Wait, Isn't Email Marketing Dead? 

No, just the opposite. Let me ask you a question...

How Did YOU Get Here?

You probably landed on this page because of an email someone sent might have even been us.

EVERYONE still uses email. BIG companies, small companies, BIG brands, small brands, local and international businesses, e-commerce stores like Shopify, Amazon, e-Bay, Walmart, and BestBuy, Mom and Pop shops, marketers of all get the picture. Email is most definitely NOT dead.

Overview of Our Service

Email is one of the many tools that makes a difference in your bottom line. However, profits are likely to come in faster with better utilization of the tool.

The good news is that it is not difficult to implement a marketing program through the use of email. The bad news is that you have to work continuously at getting people on that list and to keep them there.

This is where Traffic Vixen comes in. We provide a Fully CUSTOMIZED Email Campaign consisting of:

  • As a preliminary, you receive an initial FREE report identifying the exact target consumer audience that will be used for your campaign. This is based on:
    • Geography - Nationwide, Statewide, County, City, with any combination of included or excluded data.
    • Consumer Demographics - a huge list of options to select from. Examples include but are not limited to buying habits, number of children, home ownership, total family income, health, type and number of vehicles, household statistics, interests, occupation, and more.

   When you have contracted with us:

  • Progress Report so you can see how your campaign is progressing.
  • A Campaign Summary Report for you to analyze for future campaigns. It contains this information which is downloadable in two formats:
    • Campaign Summary,
    • Campaign Stats (including percentages of Opens, Clicks, and CTVR),
    • The Creative used for the campaign, and
    • The Number of Clicks by Device.
  • GUARANTEED 1.25% to 2% click rate! This is minimal amount. Many campaigns have a higher CTR.
  • Quick Turn-Around Time.
  • Upon completion of:
    • Payment in full - NOTE: Full payment is required at contract signing, BEFORE any work starts.
    • All required information, as outlined and provided to you at the time of signing the contract.
    • Confirmation that all information is correct.
    your campaign is up and running within 4 business days. Most campaigns start sooner, but for reasons associated with any possible un-for-seen challenges we like to add a slight buffer to our time estimates.
  • Once your campaign is launched it might take up to 2 weeks or more to reach your 1.25% to 2% guaranteed click through rate. Remember, your campaign can continue to run beyond that.

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