Creating Facebook Campaigns

Messenger Bots, Messenger Apps , and Facebook Ads

Our approach to marketing on Facebook is two-fold. We leverage smart automation of messenger bots and messenger apps and combine that with targeted Facebook ads that are based on demographics collected from Facebook users. This includes, but is not limited to the websites users view, the topics people like and share, and what kinds of information people interact with on Facebook.

The fact is you have most likely lost at Facebook ads. This is because you choose one of Facebook’s public targeting options when you set up your ad. And this means you are competing with everyone else who is running ad. It also means you are overpaying for clicks.

So what would it be worth to you to be able to FIND the AUDIENCES who WANT your products?

A lot more money going into your pocket, not Facebooks. Right?

Because when you can find these people, it means your ads instantly become more profitable and you pay less for your clicks.

Want to know more? ...keep reading.

Overview of Our Service

  1. Using Facebook Messenger Bots and Messenger Apps.

  • These are the future for successfully marketing your business since in 2020 Facebook Messenger Bots are the newest smart automation that is catching on like WILD FIRE and Messenger Apps are growing exponentially faster than ALL other social networks combined! Combine these two and you get the ultimate recipe for success.
  • Skeptical? Just Google "case studies on how automated Facebook Messenger marketing skyrockets sales for businesses". You'll find ENDLESS amounts of information for ALL types of business successes using these methods to get more traffic.

  2. Using Facebook Ads

  Hey, everyone is using Facebook Ads. Yes, but not like we do:

  • The Problem
    • Thousands Of Businesses Are on Facebook and All Are Competing For The Same Audiences
    • So, when you set up targeting in Facebook it only shows 20 to 30 results. And these results are the same results everyone sees. So you are running ads that are no different from your competitors...from Facebook's point of view.
    • This results in people seeing the same "types" of ads from everyone. Which translates to there is always a lot of competition for the same keywords resulting in a lot of poorly targeted ads and expensive clicks.
  • How Facebook Views Your Ads
    • If your target campaign reaches less interested people because they are seeing the same "types" of ads over and over again, then fewer people click on your ads.
    • When Facebook sees fewer people are clicking on your ads, Facebook views this as your ads are hurting people's user experience. So Facebook, in response (because Facebook does not want people's experience to be hurt), increases the price you pay for clicks. FUNKY right?

Do You Want to Pay Less for Your Facebook Ads While Getting More Clicks?

How would you like to:

  • Find highly targeted audiences who want what you’re selling.
  • Remove the guesswork imposed on you by Facebook's limited targeting system.
  • Consistently pay less for your Ad Clicks.

We Have the Solution for You

We use our DFAP System to correctly target your audiences. This creates high interest for great click through rates. You earn more money by consistently providing valuable information to a targeted audience which in turn affords you lower costs per ad click from Facebook.

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