Creating Text Message Campaigns

Text Message Marketing is one of three key message marketing strategies you must implement in your business for 2020. If you are not, you are missing a huge demographic that can supply you with plenty of new and recurring traffic.

Marketing Fact

Statista   Supplied Data

In 2020 it is estimated that the USA has 272.6 MILLION smartphone users.

The USA is ranked the 4th highest country, at 79.10%, for the smartphone to population penetration.

276.6 Million users. 79.10% as 4th highest country using smartphones!

That is a lot of users which relays to A LOT OF TRAFFIC which can turn into A HUGE NUMBER OF POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS!

Everyone is on their phones daily. Some, it seems, are on their phones constantly.

Local businesses LOVE text message marketing because you EASILY get the HIGHEST open rates using text message campaigns.

Not Using Text Message Campaigns?

Not Seeing the Results You Want from Your Current Text Messaging Campaigns?

Text Message Marketing is a must have strategy if you want to grow your business. If you fall into either of the above scenarios you need our help.

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